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STRATEGY 101- Assessing the Current Baseline Situation

Tips and Techniques for Executive and Trustees in Assessing your Current Position
Meandering and Walking-About

Step #1--Getting an Impressionistic View

o I start all engagements by meandering through the organization.
o Do not take notes or use a laptop.
o Move across the organization without respect for boundaries.
o Venture out into the market and outer environs of the organization
o Record thoughts and impressions, not what is said directly

Deliverable: A graphic portrayal of the current situation.

An Impressionist View
Step #2--Stepping Stones, X-roads and Paths-Not-Taken
o Outline the major periods, events, people, customer of the company since its founding.
o What have been the major stepping stones that have led to where you are today?
o Identify major decisions that were Cross-roads of significance in the company's life.
o What paths could have been taken and weren't; don't try to analyze what would have been different.

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